Unlock the Potential of a Secure Work Environment

XPERTISE TECHNOLOGY in Partnership with Microsoft Deploying the Latest Technology for our Customers.

The recent pandemic has changed the way we work. Our workforce expects to work securely from anywhere, over any network, and on any device. We, as organizations, must provide tools that enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work, so that they are happier and stay longer with the company. Along with these, protecting their vital IT assets is also crucial for the companies. With the Modern Workplace solution, our customers can benefit from improved employee productivity and satisfaction and create seamless collaboration across multiple locations and platforms while maintaining the integrity of the data and systems.

Empower Workforce for Flexible Work Environment with the New Modern Workplace

Unified Endpoint Management

Improve workforce productivity while maintaining the same security as they work in your office. See how it works,

Intelligent Endpoint Security

Keep your organization protected from modern threats with smart infrastructure.

Easy Deployment And Management

Speed up the onboarding process with a seamless deployment experience.

Up-To-Date Technology

Get the latest endpoint management software functionality with in-product assistance and recommendations.

Proactive Insights

Get proactive insights that assist you in reducing costs.


With the new Modern Workplace’s best-in-class security feature, we help you protect critical data, guard against threats, and manage access with full control.

Information protection

Ensures documents, emails, and other data are seen only by authorized people to keep information protected.

Threat protection

Helps organizations protect against advanced cyber threats and quickly respond to attacks.

Identity and access management

Safeguard and manage users’ identities and control access to valuable resources.

Security management

Gain visibility and control over security tools and keep pace with the cybersecurity landscape.

Experts at XPERTISE Technology suggest Microsoft Teams for seamless communication between the staff. It is an efficient tool that every organization should have since businesses around the world are increasingly adopting remote work. Let us know if you are looking for any of these services. Our IT consultants are ready to attend to each query in detail and suggest you the best platforms to opt for.